Essential Elements Montessori Learning Centre


Junior Kindergarten Schedule

9:00 am                    Students arrive to school, change shoes and coat, find free     
9:30-10                      Circle time and Preschool Program begins
10-10:30                    After circle work, individual lessons or group work activities
10:30-12                     Free choice work and activities, individual lessons and group
12:00-12:45                Clean up and prepare for lunch, lunch
12:45-1                        Clean up after lunch, brush teeth, get ready for nap/rest
1:00-1:45                    All children are napping or resting
1:45-2:30                    Children may wake and find a quiet activity
2:30-3 pm                  Free work until pick up 

* This activity may be substituted with activities in the gym, outdoor play, a walk or field trip